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We are a dynamic and innovative Labour Hire service provider focused on the provision and management of contract staff, permanent and temporary employees. We service a wide range of industries, across skills levels, throughout Southern Africa and service large corporations as well as medium and small enterprises. Managed by a highly experienced team with extensive knowledge in construction, engineering, HR and IR.

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How we assess new projects

When embarking on new projects, Tymes Labour Solutions undertakes to work very closely with our clients to establish their needs and completely understand the scope of the project before commencing. Specific and important criteria such as pay rates, accommodation requirements, allowances, pay structures and transportation requirements of employees are clearly established with the client up front.

Partnering with us:

Every consultant assigned to service your business has extensive experience in Labour Relations and is I.P.S.C. Qualified. We believe in competitive pricing structures and guarantee continuity of Labour Supply.

We are a Level Two Contributor to BEE and a Procurement Recognition Level of 156.25%, which enable all clients of Tymes Labour Solutions to effectively spend with us on your BBBEEE Scorecard and gain valuable points and recognition.

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Our services are tailored to suit each of our clients’ individual needs
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Short & Long Term Labour Hire
Payroll Management
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Project, Temporary and Permanent Recruitment
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