Staff outsourcing South Africa


As business needs are changing on a daily basis, and particularly in uncertain times like the ones we are facing today, Tymes Labour Solutions offer a flexible, cost effective alternative through an outsourced workforce.

We are responsible for the calculation of wages, payment thereof, and all other legislated requirements i.e. PAYE, UIF, SDL, council contributions, garnishees, etc. We offer a full-outsourced function, so the client will only worry about increased productivity in their business.

Our focus is on the maximisation of profit for our clients as they are able to concentrate on their core business, and not waste time on labour related issues.

The contracts we offer to our employees are flexible in duration and as a result are also cost-variable, dependant on your needs. Another benefit to our clients is their saving in legal costs relating to the labour. As we have many years experience in this field, we also save our clients money by avoiding costly mistakes in the process of handling disciplinary investigations.

The employees are employed by Tymes Labour Solutions, although they work on our client’s site and under the direct supervision of our client.


Tymes Labour Solutions thus establishes itself as the employer of record responsible for the administrative functions associated with the employment of employees (payroll, discipline, training, benefits management and third party [union] negotiations, obligations to the department of labour, bargaining councils, etc) whilst the client will remain responsible for the direction and control of the manner and means in which employees deliver their work-efforts.

The salaries and wages are paid by Tymes Labour Solutions through a predetermined “Actual Labour Cost”, provided for in the service quote, which includes all statutory labour costs.

Tymes Labour Solutions provide a full salary and wage package, which includes a comprehensive weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payroll service. We make use of VIP’s fully integrated payroll system and back up support. Our package includes reconciliation of PAYE, UIF, SDL, pension and provident funds, bargaining council returns and all other earnings or deductions. To compliment this excellent package we reconcile taxes at year-end and issue employee tax certificates. (IRP 5’s)